About Me

I'm Eric Sorenson, a Software Engineer in Evanston, Illinois. I'm an advocate for open web standards, and I love the power and flexibility of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I build software with small teams focusing on user needs, continuous improvement, and automated testing while following the Agile Manifesto principles and Scrum Guide framework.

DEEP HOUSE A type of dance music mixed by a DJ that features overdubbing with a heavy repetitive drumbeat and repeated electronic melody lines. NU JAZZ Music that blends jazz elements with other musical styles such as funk, soul, electronic dance music and free improvisation. AMBIENT Quiet and relaxing sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form with an emphasis on tone and atmosphere. MINIMAL TECHNO Electronic dance music that features a fast beat and synthesized sounds usually without vocals or a conventional popular song structure.

Generative Music Genre Posters

Each run results in a unique image.

The Social Media Matrix

Social media icons from FontAwesome mixed with the Canvas API in the style of the classic Matrix screen saver.

Timepiece Experiments

This clock was inspired by a CSS Animation article by Donovan Hutchinson. Instead of using CSS animations, I used JavaScript's requestAnimationFrame function to update the angle of the hands as the monitor refreshes.


Click or tap on the box above. Inspired by the Bloom iOS app from Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers. Created with the Canvas API and the Web Audio API.